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Rail of costumes“We are so fortunate to be able to store our costumes with Gladrags – they were squished into boxes in someone’s loft, and now they’re regularly being used by other groups. The  more of us that use this eco costume service, the more choice we will all have!”

Deirdre Daly, Kaleidescope children’s drama and dance


  • Store your costumes and props with Gladrags so others can use them too!
  • They will be well-looked after, insured and most importantly in use.
  • Your free storage includes access to your costumes as required (within our opening hours).
  • In return, Gladrags can store these costumes amongst our own and hire them to other groups when you’re not using them.
  • We offer a proper storage agreement and any damage or loss to the costumes (rare though it is) whilst in use by another group is covered by the deposit paid by them.

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