educational workshops

IMG_6810                                                Finishing touches to a restyled T-shirt.

Gladrags offers educational workshops both within school settings, and at community and youth centres. Our aim is to reach children and young people most in need, and those accessing the workshops come from schools and youth clubs in the very poorest areas, as well as from projects supporting marginalised young people. These include: Friends, Families and  Travellers; Refugees and Asylum Seekers’ Project; Brighton and Hove Inclusion project; Allsorts.

Our Recycled Fashion clubs are designed for participants to:

  • acquire skills for life, learning core sewing and repairing techniques
  • customise their own clothes with recycled materials
  • develop an understanding of a sustainable approach to clothing and fashion

Our Skill-building sessions with children with special educational needs are really popular. Developing fine motor-control skills through sewing techniques assists them with some of their academic challenges, particularly writing skills. Completing their own creations significantly boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

Our Sewing Seeds of Future courses for young people takes the elements of the Recycled Fashion workshops one step further:

  • teaching sewing techniques within a context of independent living skills  
  • presenting sewing as a trade, promoting the link between acquiring skills and ultimately gaining employment
  • offering an introduction to work experience and a view of the trade in practise
  • delivering Arts Award qualification on some series of workshops, a recognised accreditation, which complements and acknowledges participants’ creative work and learning, and is transferable for educational qualifications and employment opportunities.

11 year old designers model their recycled fashion outfits.

While the workshops are often fashioned around core skills, the learning is generally driven by story. Thus the importance of recycling clothes finds purpose in making accessories for a fashion show; or the significance of a dress-up day at the Gladrags store finds children and young people using costume to express themselves in safe and interesting contexts.

Check out facebook photo gallery to see what our lovely young frineds have been up to.